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[Contact] Charles Codina Silversmithing in Andalucia

Does anyone have an email contact for Charles Codina in Barcelona
Spain? My husband and I will be in Andalucia and wonder if there are
any must see people or shops doing silverwork.

jennifer friedman

Jennifer, his name is Carles Codina. Since Barcelona is in the
northeast of Spain on the Mediterranean coast and Andalucia is the
southern 1/3 of Spain, you can go on the train or if by car, it’s an
easy 2 day drive and you need to stop in Toledo (not too far from
Madrid) and see some of the damascene workshops. I used to live in
Madrid and traveled all over the country. Silver doesn’t stick in my
memory, the big craft of southern Spain is ceramics. Barcelona is
wonderful, lots of craftsmen and artists there.

Donna in VA