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[Contact] Ceramic Glaze Manufacturers

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have any addresses for ceramic glaze manufacturers? I am
exploring the possibilities and costs of setting up a pottery
workshop to complement the jewellery and I would like to
talk direct to the manufacturers to get all the specifications etc. I
also want to see whether I can grind gemstones down and incorporate
the powdered stones into the glazes.


Hi David, We deal with a lot of ceramic suppliers and might have a
short list for you. What part of the country are you located in?
That would help us target potential suppliers for you. E-mail me at

– Sioux

Hello David,

Since my wife was working with ceramics,I know about a very welknown
ceramic manufacturer in the states and here in Europe.I’ve no address
of this manufacturer known as “Duncan ceramics”,but use your internet
browser and search under “Ceramics and tools”.Those people have
everything conserning ceramics.Sorry,that all I have,hope this is of
any help.

Regards Pedro

Hi David, We have a “paint-your-own-pottery” store (where we also
give handbuilding and wheel-throwing classes, so we do deal,
probably, with the types of materials you’re looking for) and might
be able to help you out with some of the names of the suppliers we
use. It would be helpful to know where you’re located so that we
could narrow down some of the names a bit (there
are many, many suppliers across the nation for materials). –

I was a potter for 20-some years before becoming a jeweler, and still
do ceramics to a limited degree. You can find most of the suppliers
online by searching for “ceramics supplies”. Great Lakes Pottery
Supply, A.R.T. Studios, Soldner, and others all sell glazes. You will
find that commercial glazes are available essentially in three firing
ranges, with low-fired glazes the most vivid, and higher, more
subtle. Most serious ceramic people mix their own, and there are many
excellent books on the subject, particularly those by Daniel Rhodes.

I have never encountered powdered gems as glaze ingredients per se,
but glazes are all made from mined minerals, and the "ingredients"
would be similar. Much more convenient to buy them already ground to
200 mesh or so.

I must say, as someone who spent a large chunk of her life
more-or-less mastering this medium, that I hope you don’t have the
idea that you can become a potter as a sideline, in a bit of free
time. It is as demanding an art form as any other, and more than

In any case, good luck to you in all things!

Noel Yovovich

Pedro, Duncan ceramic supply is located in Fresno, CA. They do not
sell direct to artists, but their products are available through
ceramic dealers throughout the state.


AMACO (AMerican Art Clay cO) 4717 W 16th St, Indianapolis IN 46224

Brickyard Ceramics & Crafts Inc 4717 W 16th St Indpls In 46224
317.244.5230 (retail outlet for AMACO)

I know that they manufacture their own glazes as well as carry a wide
supply of kilns, parts, etc.

As a side note… they are directly across from the 500 racetrack
and adjacent to the old Linde plant where I’m told that the Linde Star
was first developed.

HTH, There probably is an 800 number but I don’t have access to it
right now. Dan in Speedway IN where we just set out the Tomato plants
this weekend.