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[Contact] Bartlett rolling mill

I am trying to locate about a used rolling mill I just
purchased. It is a rolling mill from Bartlett & Co, Inc.

I have yet to receive it but it is about 120 mm wide. There are no
model numbers that I could see when I purchased it. And the kicker
is that the only link (from 2009), I could find to their website
says the domain is available for sale.

I am looking for any on the company. Did they bought by
another company? Any help would be welcome.

Thank you.
Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

If you will “Google Bartlett Rolling Mill” you’ll get more
including patent Very interesting. Bartlett
s a historic manufacturer. The machine should be interesting. Hope
you’ll post a photo and your experience with it. Gotta love those
older machines made with real American steel and ingenuity.