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Contact Arline Fisch

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if anyone here can tell me how to contact
Arline Fisch, whose book, Textile Techniques in Metal, inspired me to
begin wire knitting. I’ve written a book on the technique which is
due out in the next couple of weeks and I’d like to send her a copy,
especially since I mention her in the acknowledgements. I’d appreciate
any help that any of you can lend to this effort!

Sharon Beadecked and Beaddicted Akron, OH

Come on Sharon- don’t be shy! Name, Title, Publisher, Price?

and congratulations!!!

Tony Konrath

Sharon, Unless someone gives you a direct contact for Arline, I
suggest you contact San Diego State University, she taught there for
many years and I am certain someone in the department would be able to
help you. Teresa

Try Lark Books, ( (I think)) or 800-284-3388.
They’re the publisher of Arlene’s book & may be able to put you in
contact with her.

FWIW: They publish lots of other jewelry & craft books, very good
quality & prices.