Constructive wax techniques

hi, folks- those of you that create waxes through the build-up
method, (as opposed to carving), what brand of waxes do you favor
for this? 

This depends on what you’re making. Some designs are easier to
carve, while others are easier to build up. I favor carving wax
(Matt, Ferris) as I can build it up, file and engrave and bur it,
it’s very strong, and I can endlessly alter it. Many jewelers
prefer Dr. Pecks Perfect Purple, and it’s a great build-up wax.
It melts at a very low temperature and solidifies quickly upon
deposition. It works very nicely with carving tools, but not
files or burs as it clogs them. You can mix different waxes
successfully as well i.e. building up Perfect Purple onto sheet
wax (formed around the mandrel for rings). I know one
professional wax artist who alters injected patterns with
injection wax, which can be difficult. What ever wax and
technique you use and practice, you’ll become proficient with.

Jeffrey Everett

what is a god wax that can be filed, but is still pliable enough
to bend when heated? i have a candle that i am using, it’s wax
is perfect for my uses, except it is getting a little slim:) i
bought some green wax but it’s too hard… is purple good for
forming shapes and such when heated?

thanks, alfred