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Consignment Business

Hello Orchid List Members

My father is considering opening a retail art and jewelry shop and
we’ve been talking about where to get inventory. He would like to
supplement his inventory with consignment pieces from local artists.

I’m wondering if anyone on Orchid could give me an idea of what the
usual terms are for consignment of jewelry. What do you look for
when you are considering putting pieces on consignment with a
retailer or gallery? Thanks for your help.

Nancy Stinnett
Geosoul Arts

I recently took some pieces to a gallery on consignment for the
first time. One thing that made me feel comfortable with the gallery
was that they had a written consignment contract that included a
statement about them being liable for damaged or stolen goods. In
addition, they had an inventory sheet to fill out, which we both
signed and got copies of, that included the price of each item. The
60/40 split is also nice, since a lot of places do 50/50 now.