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Congratulations & Question

Hi All,

First I’d like to congratulate Orchid member Beth Rosengard on
getting photos of her work published in December’s JCK Magazine! Way
to go!! I just received my copy after a short subscription lapse so
someone else may have already mentioned it. The same article also
has photos of work by Stephan Hoglund. If you’re an Orchid member
Stephan forgive me for not knowing.

Now the question. I’m about to go shopping for a new vacuum pump
for my casting machine. Today I received a Harbor Freight flyer in
the mail (I happen to live just a few blocks from their world HQ) and
noticed an ad for a venturi type air vacuum pump on sale for $8.67
(reg. $13.99). The ad says it will produce 28.3" of mercury at sea
level simply by hooking it up to an air line at 90 psi.

Has anyone played around with these things? Am I only dreaming I’ll
be able to save significant bucks? Are there drawbacks to using one?
Any and all comments appreciated. Most of the vacuum pumps I’m
looking at run in the $400-$500 range.


Hi Rick, It’s a pipe dream !!! it will draw 28+, but it will use a
massive amount of air, so your compressor will run a lot… something
like this can only be used to cast the smallest of flasks 2" x 2" or
so… and it’s no fun at all !!! A small motorized vacuum pump that
would be far superior. Daniel Grandi

We do casting in gold,silver, brass/bronze and pewter as well as
finishing, soldering,cnc/cad/cam and a whole lot of other stuff
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