Congratulation to Kate Wolf!

Congratulation to Kate Wolf!

I would like to congratulate our own Orchid member, teacher and
master mold maker on the auspicious release of her branded silver
and gold colored ‘Kate Wax’ by Ferris.

Kate will be introducing soon a new line of wax tools and a new book
about working with wax. Excerpts from her upcoming book will be
available from Ganoksin. So stay tuned guys!

Contact Kate at:

Congratulation Kate!

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Dear Hanuman,

Thanks so much for your kind congratulations!

It has been a wild year, with many dreams coming true. Yes, Wolf Wax
by Ferris is being launched this month, with product available
through distributors of Ferris Wax soon.

For years, I have had customers who had a hard time ‘seeing’ waxes
as finished pieces. I use to take a can of spray paint to them (this
was a pain as I would have to take the paint off, or it would result
in ash, and a bad casting).

After Ferris featured me in some ads, I figured it was time to
approach them and see if the manufacturers of my favorite wax would
make waxes in the colors I always wanted- Gold and Silver. Sometimes
you get lucky. Sometimes you get what you ask for. We are producing
Wolf Wax Gold and Silver toned Carving Waxes. We also formulated some
companion waxes: Wolf’s Buid-Up/Repair Wax, Wolf’s Touch-Up Wax,
Wolf’s Relief Wax and Wolf’s Wicked Sticky Positioning Wax. It has
been a fantastic experience to spend time with the brilliant folks in
the lab at Kindt-Collins (manufacturers of Ferris and Wolf Wax). I
will post descriptions and pictures of these products on my website
within the week.

Wolf’s Precision Wax Carving Tools will be available in about a
month (I’ll put up a post when they are ready to ship). I am thrilled
with the edges and profiles on these- they are ‘wicked sharp’. These
will be available through Rio, Gesswein, Otto Frei and others. The 18
piece set (suggested retail price of $125) comes in a beautiful
canister with a 24 page, full color, instructional booklet, featuring
over 130 illustrations and photos. I don’t know about you all, but I
am tired of buying tools that come with poor, or no instructions. I
am determined to change that. My new website will feature instructional video clips,
showing how to use each tool. I will be posting some instructional
wax carving articles on Orchid soon.

I can’t begin to express my thanks for being a part of this amazing,
supportive community. I’ve gotten many kind emails since your post
this morning. I truly feel blessed.

Thank you, again!
Warmest Regards,
Kate Wolf

Kate, I add my congratulations to those already received. I must say
they are all very well deserved. I have known you for a couple of
years, and know the integrity you bring to your work and tools. I
know the tools are coveted by all that have had the opportunity to
buy them, and even from those who cannot.

Yours is one where all the good things are happening to the right
person. I am very happy for you. Terrie