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Confessions of an obsession or "how I got the flow"

Cathy, I have found over the years that getting the ‘ah ha’ or
creative insight in one area very often leaks over into others; for
example, from writing into drawing or from jewelry design and
production into problem solving in another area.

Once those juices flow it is one of the most seductive and addictive
feelings anywhere. I don’t waste a lot of time trying to
over-analyze where it came from, but I do try to note what was going
on when the light bulb came on (other than being in the dark). Often
it comes with music, other times from the soft outdoors smell of the
pine resins in the mountains or from an image or form glimpsed in
another media. Enjoy the process and when you notice the times/things
that tend to precede or accompany the ‘ah ha’ make those things part
of your creative space or routine.

Often it is just a gift from the universe. Enjoy!

Susan in Denver
Talisman Design

I too admit to loving the repetitive calmness of the Jean Stark
fused link chains but have never tried to use my beehive kiln in
the fusing. Would you explain what you do?


The beehive kiln is used to aide in the fusing process. The kiln is
preheated and the links are briefly heated in the kiln. At that
point the kiln and the torch are combined to fuse the fine silver
links. Works like a charm. The links are placed on the flat surface
of the heating disc and with the cover off you bring in the torch. I
am using the small tip on my acetylene (C2H2) tank. A medium to soft
flame works well. At first I was fusing one link at a time until the
technical factors were perfected. Now I fuse multiple links at a time
and quench immediately.

Best Wishes,