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[Conference] "Surfacing" - Enamelist Society 2009 biennial

Online registration is now open for “Surfacing,” the 12th biennial
Enamelist Society conference, exhibitions and workshops to be held in
Oakland, CA

Online registration is now open for “Surfacing,” the 12th biennial
Enamelist Society conference, exhibitions and workshops to be held in
Oakland, CA

Pre-Conference Workshops August 4-6, 2009
Post-Conference Workshops August 10-12, 2009
Conference August 7-9, 2009

A complete description of workshops and conference activities can be
found at

“Surfacing” is promising to be a very exciting event with speakers,
presentations, social events, exhibitions, vendors and that special
Bay Rea ambience. Keynote Speaker : Linda Darty on “The Resurgence of
Enameling in the 21st Century” Other speakers: Jeannine Falino, Pat
Johnson, June Schwarcz, Harriete Estel Berman Additional Special
Events: Opening Night and First Friday Event at the Oakland Art
Gallery, Educators’ Forum, Porcelain Enamel Institute sponsored
seminar on artists working with industry.

Program, schedule, lodging and transportation -
available on the Society website:

Judy Stone
2009 Conference Coordinator

I’ve just returned from the Enamelist Society (
board meeting in Oakland, Ca. over the past weekend. I’d like to
remind the orchid members that the Society’s conference "Surfacing"
is coming up in August this year, the week prior to ACE SF. Go to the
website and you’ll find on all the speakers/presenters,
workshops and more. You’ll find a form to sign up for workshops and
conference, all or part. There will be vendors, an instant gallery,
books and time to meet and exchange views. There will be both silent
and live auctions. Some events are open to the public, some attendees
must have conference credentials.

The board was treated to a tour of The Crucible where most pre and
post conference workshops will be held, as well as the Marriot where
we will have the Conference itself and many attendees will likely
stay, and the gallery space where the international enamel exhibition
will be held. There are workshops on large scale enameling to be held
some distance away and I did not tour that facility, but will
probably take that workshop.

The Crucible is well equipped and a very impressive place, quite
nearby on BART. The hotel set up looks great; modern, clean and
spacious and the staff was very helpful. Food was good. The Oakland
gallery, which will house the international exhibition, is only a
short walk from the Marriot.

The Conference is going to be a terrific place to learn a great deal
more about enamel for beginners and experts alike. I am very excited
by the great deal of progress the Enamelist Society is making. If you
have any interest in enamel as a medium (and it has enormous
potential and flexibility) I encourage you look around the website
and take advantage of the accessible to you there. Come
to the conference, and jump in, the enameling is fine!

Marianne Hunter

Hi Everyone,

Just a note to let you know that while you’ve been asking for
on enamelling and metalwork, the Enamelist Conference is
coming up in the beginning of August 2009 and we will have wonderful
workshops for learning new and interesting techniques. Please visit
the website at

Yes, I am involved in it, I’m in charge of the Silent Auction. A
great place to pick up wonderful supplies, kilns, tools, enamels,
books, etc. So, PLEASE come we are in Oakland, CA for this
conference and if you miss it there won’t be another for 2 years. I
missed the last one and I wish I hadn’t. We also have a raffle with
wonderful prizes and tickets can be purchased online. We
additionally have a Live Auction with wonderful enamel artwork
pieces for sale.

Just another note to let you know that the conference is for the
Enamelist Society and we have members all over the world who come,
as well as international members who come and give workshops. This
is your chance to see what everyone else in the enamel environment
is doing and meet a group of sensationally talented individuals.

We’d love to see you there and if you have any additional questions
please go to the website for the or you can contact me:
[jenenamel at sbcglobal dot net]

jennifer friedman