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[Conference] Gold 2009

GOLD 2009 The 5th international conference on gold science,
technology and its applications, Heidelberg, 26 - 29 July 2009 Gold

In less than 9 months GOLD 2009 - The 5th international conference on
gold science, technology and its applications will take place at the
University of Heidelberg, in Germany between Sunday 26th -Wednesday
29th July, 2009. This is a unique, multidisciplinary event that
offers opportunities not afforded by many other conferences.
Scientists and technologists in academia and industry have praised
previous conferences in this series where they were able to meet,
present and discuss the latest advances with colleagues from their
own field and at the same time interact with experts from parallel
areas of interest, all with expertise in gold.

Gold science and technology is undergoing an exciting period of
research, with increasing commercial interest in practical
applications. We are seeing the discovery of new reactions catalysed
by gold…innovative uses of gold nanoparticles…fresh
perspectives in gold chemistry… and novel materials science and
gold metallurgy. Important new applications for gold in the field of
green chemistry and medicine are emerging from laboratories around
the world. This conference will cover all aspects of the science,
technology and applications of gold under the principal themes of
Catalysis, Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Materials.=A0 In addition, ke=
sessions at Gold 2009 will focus on the commercial exploitation of
this science and new practical applications for gold in electronics,
medicine, catalysis, coatings and other industrial markets.

With its glorious natural setting, a wonderful castle, historic old
town and a beautiful river set in the midst of rolling hills,
Heidelberg is regarded as one of the most attractive cities in
Germany. It is also a progressive city of international importance
in the fields of science, research and business. Not only is
Germany’s oldest university based in Heidelberg (the venue for
the conference), but so are a number of outstanding research
institutions and industrial companies. It is a truly wonderful
setting for GOLD 2009.

Registration is now open. We are expecting a large attendance at the
conference. Please register now to avoid disappointment. On the
conference website you will now find
on the full scope of the conference, as well as useful
concerning accommodation, travel arrangements,
opportunities for students and chances to enjoy some local

Hello all,

I didn’t showed thatmuch interest of reading this article in the
beginning but as a second thought I just opent it and started

I’ve lived in Hiedelberg for 14 years amongst a lot of american
people being not american. This place is an important area for the
militairy which have a beautiful nice area for there soldiers down
there. A whole community is based in this wonderfull and expensive
city which is located in Baden-Wurtemberg. However, the cenery is of
unkowning beauty. Lot’s of forrest surrounding this middle age town.
The neckar (river) is crossing Heidelberg in a very wide curve. On
the lefthand site you’ll find the famous castle build out of the red
colored stone which is common for this area. A big old fasion
redstone bridge is still standing providing the intrance for this
city. Nowerdays only pedestrians are allowed to walk on this bridge
which direct your vision instantly to the castle.

As soon as you enter Heidelberg you’ll find all kinds of stores. A
cabletrail with an old fasion train takes you straight up to the
castle raising up to hunders of meters above the river level. One
can drive with his car to the castle in a winding route with sharp
curves. This drive has something but you will not enjoy the views
you’ll see taking this train. If you’re in good shape, one can run to
the castle if you’re very sportive and in excelent shape. The highest
point in Heidelberg is called “Konigstuhl” which gives you a
fabuleous sight over the entired areaIf you like walking, having the
castle as a whitness during your easy walk, then you should go for
the “Filosofenweg”. It’s uphill but in a way which is possible for

The castle itself is used for all kinds of perfermances. In the time
that i’ve being there, ones a year it was hired for the traditional
speech and party by the american’s for all nations situated in
Heidelberg. Only well outsorted people where invited for this event
due to the high costs. The environment however was extremly intens
to enjoy, sitting in this big room wiht all the beautiness of the
middle ages surrounding you.

In summertime several guided tours are available with very well
educated guides offering you in severall languages. Take
a boottrip on the many offers you’ll find near the Neckar river to
see more of te surrounding area. If you feel like walking on the “
Wanderstrasse” which is a very well knowing street in the center of
Heidelberg then go ahead and yes, you’ll find a Mc Donnalds too. The
University is in the middle of this “walking street”. to me it is
not that appealing compared with other regions of the city.

If you’re talking about Heidelberg and the Neckar then you’re
talking about wine aswell… no way around it! Insite the castle
you’ll find a big giant wooden barrel. The whole area is a very well
place to have wine degustations (Moselwine). You can taste for 15
euro or higher the magnifisant wine offered by this area. Some local
stores do it for free. If you can arange an appointment with a
winedealer the go for it, you’ll find many of them down there.

Let me finish this article otherwise I never will. I’ve enjoyed
those 14 years living an dealing with the people in Heidelberg. Go
and see this town. A very well knowing song is made for this place
named “Ich habe mein herz verloren in Heidelberg” I lost my heart in
Heidelberg! If you visite this place then you will know why this song
is made. By the way, Pforzheim is a well knowing center for juwellry
with a nice museum (approx 50 to the south). Idar-Oberstein (near to
Ramstein) is well knowing place for his big agate and juwelry
industrie with a big museum of gemstones (about 120 km to the north).

I’m looking forward to visit this place again which I do in
generalI. Its an old habit and I still have good connections to this
area.If you have the time to travel this far then don’t
hessetate…it’s worth it !!!

Enjoy and keep focused -)


I first read just a bit of the announcement of the Gold 2009,
remembering fondly the lovely city of Heidelberg & its beautiful
university buildings, and then enjoyed reading Pedro’s reply to it.
I lived in Heidelberg (well, actually a “suburb” called Nuloch), for
3 years, and it truly is a beautiful place. We have wonderful
memories of living there & miss it most every day. I had the amazing
opportunity to be a guest student at the Goldschmiedeschule for two
years, in Pforzheim (about and hour plus by Autobahn from
Heidelberg), which is also a fantastic place. The museum Pedro
mentioned is small but a really nice collection, and of course if
you’re in that town you can go in person to Fischer or to Schutt
Witwe, or countless other supply places whose names are escaping me
right now. It seems there’s one on every corner in that city. Heck,
it’s even nicknamed “the gold city”. The whole area where Heidelberg
is has so much to offer, if you go to the conference do allow plenty
of additional time to tour around. By the way- yes, my husband & I
are American, but no, we didn’t go there with the military. We are
among those rare types in this country who actually moved to a
foreign country for a while because we WANTED to! lol

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