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[Conference and Workshops] 2007 Enamelist Society

The Enamelist Society conference, “Fusion,” to be held in Columbus
Ohio in late August, is now open for registration.

Pre-conference workshops are being offered Aug 22-24, and
post-conference workshops Aug 27-29, and include instruction in
plique-a-jour, cloisonne, enameling on 3-D forms, large-scale
enameling, as well as a special workshop by Mauricette Pinoteau from
Limoges, France, “Techniques Learned in the Faure Studios,” which
will resurrect the techniques developed in Atelier Faure in Limoges,
France, from the 1920’s to the 1980’s. The unique Faure vessels
include brilliant transparents over foil, subtle shading with
opalescents, and a unique carved dimensionality to the enamel.

Registration for the workshops can be done by mail or online. All
workshop registrations received by Friday, April 27, 2007, will be
entered into a lottery for oversubscribed workshop slots.
Notification of initial registrants in all workshop classes will be
posted on the Society’s website after Monday, April 30, 2007.
Workshop registrations will be accepted after April 27th, but to
ensure getting the workshop of your choice, register now.

For more go to

Are there enameling classes/workshops anywhere in the midwest that
are not part of the conference? Thanks for any info.



The Enamelist Society website has a treasure trove of resources for
enamel education. The site has recently inaugurated a class/workshop
listing service which I hope all instructors of enamel classes will
use to publicize their classes and workshops and where all
prospective students will be able to find the classes and workshops
they are looking for. The listing service is at

and it is free. The website also lists educational resources at

Judy Stone