Concrete inlay

I want to experiement with the concrete mix that Andrew Goss
recommends in his book “Concrete Handbook for Artists” for small
scale applications.

I am having trouble locating the metakaoin (one brand name Metamax).
Have any of you purchased this from in the minimum 40# bag…and be
interested in selling me 5# ?

I also need white portland cement. While I could buy this locally in
90# bags…I would rather buy a smaller quantity like 2 or 3 pounds.


i’m not familiar with the pricing for the concrete countertop
products…but generally all concrete and “cememt” products come in
40#, 60#, 90# bags or larger…but they are really cheap! just buy
the bag that is “big” to you, and keep it in a really dry place…and
you will have a lifetime supply! :wink:

you may e able to go down to your local concrete-mixing facility and
talk to the guys…htey may just give you a few pounds of portland
cement if you tell them what you are wanting.