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Computer jewelry design

Attention Jewelry Designers and Retailers

I am in the process of aquiring the newest generation Cad/Cam
minimill with 3D capability. This mill will render images as
either a positive in wax for casting, in metal for rubber molding,
or as a “negative” in a metel mold for plastic or wax injecting.

Some applications - Lapel pins, corp logos w/text and/or 3D
images, ring tops w/ 3D images, family crests, initials, wedding
bands, brooches, bracelet pcs., cufflinks, tux studs, buttons, belt
buckles, charms, pendants, earrings ( mirror image for right and
left), tops for bracelet slides, miniatures such as picture frames
for doll houses, doll house furniture parts, letter opener tops,
small decorative box tops/sides, small industrial parts, etc.

All items are flat back with no undercuts. Maximum size is 4" wide
X 8" high, X4" deep.

If you have some designs you want to produce or a line you would
like to develop, but don’t want to hand carve because of time,
ability or intracacies of design, and wish to reserve time on this
machine at a much reduced rate, I may be contacted by email for
further I have only 4 slots available, so if you are

Aloha, If you have no knowledge of CNC or CAD/CAM and just bought
the ARTCAM program,please do yourself a favor,slow down.It is a
good program,but,it takes a while to master.Longer,if you don’t
know Coreldraw, well enough.If I can help give me a call.Hope I
don’t burst your bubble.

                                         Christian Grunewald
                                          Jewelry By Design   
                                           (808) 622-9005

I may be interested in sharing with you about the CAD
CAM as I am also persuing this matter in my manufacturing and am
purchasing a 3-axis in about 2 months. PLEASE keep in touch :slight_smile:

Doug Thompson / Owner, Thompson MFG
(918) 809 5551 Cell Phone

Hi Aufin,

Please tell me more about Your sistem

I just send you about base price on modelmaiking Do you
have web site?