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Computer aided cutting options

I have my steel leaf shapes cut by a local blacksmith, with his cnc
plasma cutting set-up. I’d like to also do versions of the leaves in
bronze and silver for jewelry.

Are there any good and inexpensive cutting options in those
materials? I would like to pay someone else to cut them for me. The
only thing I can think of would be waterjet cutting and I don’t know
any companies that specialize in the non-ferrous metals.

I need a source that doesn’t mind working with artists and that can
easily convert my jpg images of the leaf outlines.

Yes, I can and will use a jeweler’s saw, but I really do not enjoy

Thank you.
Kirsten Skiles

I think your other cutting options are pancake dies or etching.


Kirsten - The option I’d use is photo etch. There are quite a few
firms that do it - mostly found in Rhode Island- and silver and brass
work great. I’ve used the technique for a line I once did of
snowflakes. I had the brass ones gold plated and used the silver ones
as is. I did tumble all of them to round the sharp edges. is one of many companies that do this.
Their site describes the process. This is not the company I used, but
they seem reasonable.

Judy Hoch

Try photo etching - usually very reasonable, and minimal waste.but
there is always some waste. Works better for thin sheet.

Another option, depending on scale, would be to have a cutting die
made - try contacting Dar Shelton at Shel-Tech (sp?) for this
service, unless you want to face the learning curve by your lonesome.
Then just use a press to cut them.

And three more - laser cutting - super thin kerf so minimal waste
but relatively expensive for machine time.

Water jet - wide kerf, but usually less expensive machine time and
fast (may want to get a quote from a water jet company, I’ve found
them less expensive than plasma cutters).

Wire EDM - Super accurate, relatively expensive.

Chris Ploof Studio


Try contacting Dar Shelton at He may be able to
make a die for cutting. He works with artists, jewelers, etc.

Joel Schwalb