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Compressors [Was: Hammer]


Hi Folks,

Okay, some of you have compressors for your GraverMaxes, some
have them for bead blasters. Does anyone (can you) use the same
compressor for both? What else can you use an air compressor
for in the studio?

The bead blaster available from Reactive Metals calls for a 2cfm
@ 80-90 psi. That sounds like low flow at high pressure to me
(but I am ignorant of such things). Is that normal? Is that a
comparable compressor to what a GraverMax would use?

Rick, is this in line with the Badger Silent II you have? I
suppose you could also use it for airbrushing, if you were so


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)


The Silent II was designed with airbrushes in mind. I don’t
think the pressure or volume are quite that high. I have it
hooked up to the Graver max which uses 20-35psi, and there is a
rotary hand piece on the extra port. A small compressor can be
used to fill a larger air reserve tank that can then provide a
larger volume on demand, however. Sounds like beadblasting
requires more pressure and volume.

Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography


Hi Dave,

You can run air-turbine high speed (300,000+ hi-torque)
handpieces, sand blasters and micro-blasters with them.



                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and