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Compressed Air with Little Torch

Hello from a longtime lurker, I used to work as a jeweler, now I’m
more of a hobbyist. Sooo, I was going through the Rio Grande catalog
looking for ways to ‘downsize’ my torches. (I was interested in
switching my Little Torch to the throwaway propane/oxygen tanks but
I’ve read that the little oxygen tanks run out reallyreally fast.) I
saw some mention of using the Little Torch with Compressed Air. Can
anyone direct me to on how to do this and how well it

Does it matter what gas you combine it with? (I have acetylene, might
keep it, considering switching to propane throwaways, natural gas is
not an option in my house…) What do you need? I assume you need some
kind of regulator. Hubby has a big compressor, can I get one of those
little air tanks from the tool place to fill with the compressor? Or
we have an old airbrush compressor here, is that usable if the noise
doesn’t drive me bonkers?

The big question, I s’pose it’s not as hot, is it a real noticeable

I use acetylene/air 90% of the time, that’s what I learned on. I just
use the little torch once in a while when I need the extra heat
concentrated in a tight spot.

Thanks very much!