Compressed air torch options for silver

I just started learning how to work with silver a few months ago.
Things are going good and I’m enjoying learning and creating in the
process. I’ve been using a propane torch for all my heating needs so
far. It gets things done, but I want to upgrade. I live in a mildly
isolated area and it’s difficult to get oxygen. I also would like it
if I didn’t have an oxy tank to worry about. I already have a
regulated propane tank and an air compressor. I did some searching
for a torch which can utilize these two things and only found one
that explicitly lists them: the swiss torch. It advertises the
casting head as being used with compressed air instead of oxygen.
Could I use compressed air with the other heads/tips? Can I
substitute oxygen with compressed air in other types of torches,
like a meco midget or hoke style? I tried searching the archives, but
never turned up anything more than the swiss torch casting head

Thanks for the help!