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Complimentary enhancement information

The process of waxing or oiling to impregnate a colorless wax paraffin
or oil in a porous or translucent gemstone in order to improve its
appearance is fairly common. Generally with waxing, stability is good
to fair, but care should be used to avoid heat, chemicals or the

I believe its the February 2001 issue of AJM magazine that will have
an article about enhancements and their durability and such. (If you
don’t read AJM, you should consider a subscription.)

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has a “Gemstone Information
Manual” designed for use within the gem and jewelry trade that
discusses enhancements and care and handling recommendations…
including the stability of treatments, frequency of use, care required
and some special advice.

I would be more than happy to snail mail a complimentary copy to
anyone on the Orchid list who requests it. Just email @James_Marker2
with your name and mailing address.

Best regards, as always, James Marker, GG - AGTA