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Complacency with our Tools

 This is really just a reminder to not become complacent / too at
ease with the tools we use every day. They can all be quite

I couldn’t agree more, Dwain. I managed to cut one of those slippery
rtv molds yesterday, without a mishap. Today I was cutting the stems
down on some flowers and sliced open my finger. It could have been a
lot worse. My new absolute: when ever I have a scalpel in my hand I
will be in the moment, totally focused on the task at hand. I will
always, always have all fingers out of the path of the knife-
assuming that it can slip. Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery, and
thanks for the reminder!

Kate Wolf, Portland, Maine
Workshops at Wolf Designs

I had a similar epiphany when working ten hour days on the meat saws
for a wholesale seafood distributor-- potential loss of fingers can
teach you to live in the “now.”

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry

sorry for interjecting, i don’t remember the first post, but
speaking of complacency with tools and habits, has anyone ever
changed a drill, burr, etc. from the handpiece, while holding the one
you are going to load in your lips, teeth, etc. that is a no-no, and
should be put high on the list of never ever do’s(dos’) dp

The worst part is that I have a show the weekend of 10/9 that I’m
not ready for. I’ve been doing some wire-wrapping and was hoping to
use that to fill quite a bit of “empty space”. But, with 2 1/2
weeks to go to make about 45 more pieces - and, the stiches don’t
come out until next Monday… oh, well.

As my wife says - it’s my own fault for waiting until the last month
to make up all the new “stuff”. Fine, I admit it - she’s right.
Maybe I’ve learned my lesson…

Dwain - aka “stumpy”, the scalpel-wielding fool…

Never done that; but, I do routinely rest my foot on the foot pedal
of the foredom when changing burs, wheels, etc. I also have a bad
habit of screwing the screw into those screw mandrels with a small
screwdriver in the slot and spinning the mandrel by applying power
to the foredom.

But, I’m the idiot that started this thread by trying to amputate my
pinkie finger…

I really need to stop doing those “stupid” things every day.