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Complacency with our tools

This is really just a reminder to not become complacent / too at
ease with the tools we use every day. They can all be quite

I just returned from ER - 3 stiches are now holding my pinkie
finger-tip in place on my finger. I was simply cutting open a
package of dichroic glass - a little too eagerly - the scalpel
slipped and cut 1/4" into the underside tip of my pinkie. (That’s
about half into my finger.) 15 minutes of pressure did nothing to
relieve the bleeding so I was forced to admit to my wife (a nurse)
what had happened… Needless to say, she “suggested” that I
should go to ER.

I guess I need to actually use those stainless steel/kevlar combo
gloves… :>


a word to the wise as a retired professional chef who handled
dangerous equipment like very sharp knives every day. Most injuries
were caused by the inane cello wrap box than any knife. Don’t let
your guard down ever as our fingers and hands are our livelihood!

Teri D
America’s Only Cameo Artist