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Community Studio

I am in the process of searching for space for a community
metals studio. Since teaching at a local adult education center,
where my classes have two and three on the waiting list, and my
Studio Saturdays which I started in the winter have been a huge
sucess, the need for such a space is clear. Including Cambridge
Center for Adult Ed, there are a total of about 8 adult ed
centers in the Boston area. We have three accredited schools
which teach jewelry/metals. What people want is a place where
they can work on a project for a few hours a week and get access
to tools.

Studio space is very tight here and my idea is to have about
1500 sq ft of space, 5 permanent benches for metalsmiths and 12
benches for rental by the hour. I do have adequate financial
backing for equipment, proper ventilation, etc. The space would
include time for weekend workshops with top rank
metalsmiths/jewelers in the field. I envision renting space for
about $5 an hour with the other permanent people monitoring for
subsidized rent.

Before I plunge headlong into this project, I ask you Orchidians
if you know of anyone who has tried this model before and what
kind of pitfalls they have encountered. Is there grant money
from your city or state which I could tap?

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Karen Christians
Fly Fish Design
282 Lexington St.
Woburn, MA 01801


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