Community studio fees

Hi Debra. What a good idea for you all and I hope it works. I
teach at a county recreation facility, very like your place there,
with lots of classes. Our jewelry studio, as well as the other
sections, are open at specific times on certain days, for three and a
half hours. It is supervised, of necessity, by the instructor
staff, who also find themselves teaching their own enthusiastic
students who find class time isn’t enough to finish projects or just
want more fun and that special comraderie you mention. The county
recently raised the fees for the first time in many years to cover
higher costs, but it is still a huge bargain at $8. for residents and
$10. for non-county residents. A 15 visit pass is available for
what would bring it down to $6. and $8. each visit for those who
pretty much expect to come every week. That helps a lot. We also
give a lot as well. The studio is completely equipped with tools of
every sort as well as possibility to invest and cast wax models.
There’s a wax injector, bead blaster, soldering stations, rolling
mills, hydraulic press, etc. I’d say that is worth the price of
admission and then some. Participants are limited to ten benches.

Wishing you good luck getting your program started and lots and lots
of rewarding hours making jewelry.

Pat Hicks