Commissions in the UK?

Hello all,

It appears that I have picked up a commission for a set of my
wedding rings for a couple in the UK.

I have never needed to ship my work to Europe before.

This commission is in the early stages of taking place and I have
not really had much opportunity to do any research yet regarding the
process or the expenses involved in shipping jewelry to the UK (ie.
duty or other fees that might be involved).

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions that you
might have.

Thanks in advance.


Shipping to UK and Germany is like clockwork for me. What are your
concerns? The only thing I don’t like is the shipping cost when I
buy things fromAcross the pond. DHL from Germany to USA is very
high. I’ve paid nearly 40 Euros for shipping packages not that

Rick Powell

I had the reverse scenario some yrs ago shipping to the US.

the 1st, was a registered parcel that never arrived. Post office
insurance paid out. Sent its replacement via a relative going to see
the customer, ie personal courier.

The 2nd was a similar, delivery by the parents of the bride and

You will need to google the Goldsmiths Co. Assay office London for
their rules on precious metal imports and the weight limits for

Then, you have the payment arrangements to organise to ensure they
cover all the costs including full replacement insurance.

you must get this in writing, ie legally safe.

Its a hard way to make living. Make sure your client is aware of all
the implications.

Also hope they get the ring sizes right! Then you have to trust the
shipper to deliver and not screw up.

If you have to declare customs value on the packet its a giveaway to
getting it stolen.

A personal courier Co. is the way to go such as is used by
solicitors/ lawers delivering legal documents.

Living in Central America and needing to order things from around
the world. The person ordering pays for the shipping and import
duties and taxes.

Most of my small items come via UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Thank you all so much for your suggestions and comments.



want to send a present of jewellery to a friend in Canada. My mate
at the post office said forget it.

Not much chance of it getting there. Don’t want to pay a courier fee
more than the jewellery is worth.


I am in Canada and get parcels sent to me from all over the world. I
cannot imagine why your parcel would not reach your friend. A parcel
with tracking is a safer bet in any case. Check with another person
at your local postal station. Your friend may have to pay GST or HST.
These are are similar to Value Added Taxes. If it is a gift mark the
customs part of the mailing label claerly as such and some supporting
letter inside will help. Gifts are not subject to these taxes.
Further to that if the value of the item is not very much Canada
customs will not make the effort to collect a very small amount.

Write to me privately and I will be even more helpful.


I was told, in person, by a FedEx friendly rep. the following “don’t
state any value above $100.00!” Just write it’s a “Costume Window
Display”! Those were HIS words, not mine…!!! “You must have a generic
description and be very evasive on it’s value”.

I’m not telling you what to write, but suggesting other ‘options’.

Gerry Lewy

I would recommend airsure signed for or one of the couriers. As for
taxes, the recipient will have to pay duty and VAT on the value of
the godds, including shipping costs. There is a customs form which
has a box forentering the 11 digit tariff code if you know it so the
packet doesnt have to be opened to determine what it is. The
alternative is to risk ordinary airmail and use the green customs
sticker you attach to the packet and tell an outrageous lie as to
what the contents are such as piston rings and then put the value as
less than $20 and it will most likely just be waved through the
customs shed. Problem with that is if it gets intercepted you are
properly stuffed. Nick Royall

When I sent some purple quartz stones to an Ireland address (person),
that is exactly what I put on the custom’s declaration. 4 purple
quartz stones. No problem sending or receiving. No tax added.


When I sent some purple quartz stones to an Ireland address
(person), that is exactly what I put on the custom’s declaration. 4
purple quartz stones. No problem sending or receiving. No tax added.