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Commission for sale reps

Hi Everbody! I recently was quoted two different ideas on percentage
of commission a rep gets:

1) 10-15% of wholesale price 	
  1. 10-15% of retail price

Which is correct? Appreciate your answers!

All the Best,
Stacey Seigel

I would think a percent of wholesale is more normal. Wholesale price
is something you KNOW. Retail is unknown, not everyone sells at
ticket price.

Besides, 10% of retail is about double 10% of wholesale, you want
your cost lower.

Go with the percent of wholesale.

David Geller

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Hi Stacey,

If the rep is selling pieces wholesale, then it is 10-15% of the
wholesale cost.

I have asked my rep to help sell during retail shows to the public
and I pay her 10% of the retail price.

Hope this helps,

The rep’s commission should be based on the wholesale price. The
retailer can set any price he or she wants. At keystone 10-15%
translates to 20-30% of retail. Can you afford to give that big a
percentage to your rep? I doubt it.


Joel Schwalb

Just a note on percentages people throw around on any level retail or
wholesale. When you have an item for sale you have your base costs
included. Let=92s say you have

gold			50.00
labor			40.00
Total			90.00
Markup			90.00
Grand total		180.00

10% of this total =18.00

Always remember that 10% is equal to 20% of your markup so you now
have 72.00 I=92ve seen people talk about discounts like there nothing.
Always think of the percentage as double from your profit.

Imagine a 25 or 30% discount, you would be out of business.

Unless you have crazy prices where they give 70 percent off and
still stay ahead.

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