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Combining silver with Fimo

Hi All My name is Sam Turner. I live in South Africa. I studied
jewelry at the Durban Institute of Technology. It was a three year
course with extra years for higher diploma’s. Having done the rounds
in other peoples shops and having worked as a machinist and polymer
clay artist, I founded a company with my co-worker who is also a
polymer clay artist. We are combining silver with Fimo to create a
unique product. As Fimo bakes at a low tempreture, it is easier than
enamel. So far we have had a bit of success but in South Africa, we
have to explain what Fimo is where in America, there seems to be a
good market. Is this so? Does anyone else on the list do similar
work? We are both more in tune with manufacturing and have found we
have to market more which leaves us less time to manufacture. Seems
like a catch 22. I have enjoyed reading so far because it is good to
hear people who have the same mind-set. I have also made a few
knives and am thinking of branching out in my “spare time”. We are
working on a web site and I will post the link when it is up. Regards