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Combination of gases

Hello. Please enlighten a newcomer and tell me when to use this
combination of gases.

1  oxy/propane
2. oxy/acetylene

Thank you,



If you have the right torches this is the best, cleanest, general
use fuel, IMHO, and it is the most convenient fuel for platinum


Best for casting and medium to large silver work where a lot of heat
is needed. Never use it for platinum work.


Hello Sheridan: Oxy/Propane is the combination I use on almost
everything, ie. sizing, retipping, chain repair, assembly, casting,
lead soldering, all platinum work. A tank of propane lasts forever.
It is cleaner and is recommended for platinum work and casting gold
and silver.

Oxy/Acetylene is what I use for large silver Items and for soldering
silver or gold rings with heat sensitive stones underwater. I do not
use it for casting because it is not recommended.

I set up my propane and Acetylene tanks with "quick disconnect"
fittings on the regulators and the end of my fuel gas line with the
same. This way when I need to switch gasses all I have to do is
unplug from one and plug into the other. I use a “little torch” and
sizes 3,4 5,6 and 7 tips. As a full time bench jeweler I usually have
to switch over to Acetylene once or more a day.

Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria, Texas

Oxy/Propane is the combination I use on almost everything, 

How does oxy/propane compare to oxy/natural gas? I’m about to order
a Meco Midget, and need to choose. Thanks!