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Colorit System


I am working on a project that entails removing curved onyx sections
that are inlaid around a ladies 3mm band. I have tried using the
ceramit product but as the areas are filled, the opposite area does
not stay in very well. Question: Does anyone have the colorit system
that would be willing to help me on this? will the colorit last

David Ginis
Ginis Goldsmiths

will the colorit last longer? 

I’ve done a little bit with colorit…last was a band the colorit
had to go all the way around in a channel. I had to put the ring on a
mandrel and apply the color then moniterand turn it every five
minutes. As it cured(slowly!) under hot light bulb, turning and
adding colorit was les frquent. I noticed some air bubbles after it
was cured(overnite) and had to drill the and add more color. Pain in
the neck, but it came out nicley. Good luck Thomas Blair

Dear David,

I would think that Colorit it the best product on the market for
your application. Yes, it will last. I am not using it, but I have
experiemented with it. The main drawback for me was the cost.


Let me suggest a low speed motor (available at most tool or
equipment suppliers) that turns at approx. 7 to 10 rpm. Attach a
tapered dowel or one to fit the ring size. Place the ring on the
mandrel, apply the colored resin or epoxy and turn the motor on. The
resin will harden as the piece turns in a nice even spread. It is
truly amazing how even it will come out. You can apply layers or a
large amount that is to be cleaned back after hardening…Frank Goss