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Colorit enameling tool


Does anyone know where to purchase a new or used Colorit kit? I’ve
been able to locate dealers online in Germany and South Africa,
though I don’t know if they will respond to my queries.

Gratefully, Randolfo


Gesswein has them I believe. I bought my supplies from them. However
I bought the curing light from a dental supply company via ebay - save
quite a bit of money. No affiliation to either.


Hi Randolph,

I’m quite sure that e.g. Fischer will respond.

However : better not to buy the whole kit. This UV-lighting stuff is
much too expensive, and so are the bulbs in case they break.

  1. Ask your dentist if he has a discarded but still working one.

  2. Buy one of those that are used to harden the ladies artificial
    nails. They are cheap and can do the same.

The small lamps the dentists use in order to use it in your mouth
only harden a tiny area at a time, and since you also have to harden
multiple layers…

And please better not call it enameling, Colorith is a ceramic


Thanks to Miche and Sylvia. Great advice, and I appreciate you took
the time to respond.

Do you know of anyone designing with the Colorit (ceramic) tool? My
google searches turned up next to nothing.

Best regards