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Coloring metal with prism colors

I am still trying to figure out how to use prism colors on metal. I
believe you use alcohol to blend, correct? I have done some research
and see that another way is to use oils (baby oil or mineral oil), or
gamsol, or the prism colorless pencil. Have you tried other methods
and prefer the alcohol? I can’t get blending with alcohol myself when
I have experimented. And also there is discussion as to layering
alternating or laying down all colors at one time. The issue with the
colorless pencil is that itself also being wax, you actually wind up
building up too much wax. Can you give me some more guidance on this
method of coloring metal, please? thx!


Years ago in another life I drew maps for a living. I would color
with prismacolor pencils and use ronson lighter fluid on kleenex to
blend the colors.

If you are talking about Prismacolor pencils for coloring metal they
are what I use exclusively in my drawings. Yes, I am a formally
trained fine artist. If you are going to use any oil I would suggest
linseed oil from the oil painting section of artist supply. The
blending pencil is what you are referring to as colorless? Is meant
for blending but yuo do the blending at the end of your piece once
all color has been applying on paper then you blend areas which you
wish to blend. Even on paper the wax acts as a resist and does not
allow layering once applied.


I’ve been experimenting with prisma color on metal, and have found
Turpentine works the best.

I’m lucky to have a source of pure distilled turpentine, but I’ve
also tried the commercially available stuff.

That also works pretty good, although it doesn’t smell as nice as the
" real thing ".

Live Oak Studios

may I ask. how does one prepare the metal for adding prismacolor

Eileen, for lots of advice on this, go through the Orchid Archives,
looking for Prismacolor on Copper.

If you have access to jewelry magazines, see the articles in

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2004, p. 21ff.
Art Jewelry Nov. 2008, p. 30ff.
Art Jewelry, July 2010, pp. 42-48

Google Prismacolor on Copper and the references there.

Good luck!
Judy Bjorkman