Colores Epoxies and Polyester resins

Hello: In response to several questions about Colores epoxy resin and
polyester resin I offer the following Always obtain MSDS
(material safety data sheet) with all chemicals you use
in your home or shop. Epoxy resins by nature are not toxic nor are
they flammable. They are classified as skin sensitizers and should be
used with good housekeeping and general cleanliness procedures. Avoid
ingestion. Check your MSDS sheet for specific remedies. Polyester
resins are both toxic and inflammable. They need to be used with
great care, consult your MSDS sheet. Pigments disbursed into epoxies
and polyesters are different by nature and will not cross distribute.
They may appear stable at first but will degrade over time and cause
problems such as browning and color-shifting. Do not mix
pre-pigmented polyesters with epoxies or vice versa. They polymerize
differently and will cause endless grief. Both polyester and epoxy
resins can be static cast into RTV rubbers. Epoxies must be cast into
RTV’s specifically designed for epoxies to insure greater mold life.
Mass media finishing can be used but hand polishing yields best
results. Do not use oil impregnated compounds but ones designed for
polishing plastics. I hope this helps Bruce Ogilvie