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Colored Stone Magazine Announces Partnership with Ganoksin

For Immidiate Release - March 2004

Colored Stone Magazine Announces Partnership with the Ganoksin

Under this agreement Colored Stone magazine licensed Ganoksin
Internet publishing rights of articles on a broad spectrum of topics
related to the Gem trade. The vast content offered to Ganoksin under
this license includes 10 years worth of Colored Stone magazine

Morgan Beard, Editor of Colored Stone Magazine states, “The Ganoksin
/ Orchid community has developed into one of the most valuable
resources for jewelry-makers anywhere. I’m very pleased that we’re
able to contribute something to this tremendous forum for jewelers!”

Dr. E. Aspler (Hanuman) of Ganoksin agrees. “The fresh content
offered by Colored Stone magazine, will add more facets of Gemstone
related content to our ever growing online library, The collaboration
with Colored Stone magazine will surly foster Ganoksin’s position as
the largest online content provider for Gem and Jewelry industries.”

Colored Stone is a bimonthly, international trade magazine that
covers all facets of the colored gemstone industry, including new
sources for colored mining and processing, manufacturing,
retail sales, consumer buying trends, marketing and promotion, gem
cutting and jewelry design, and technological developments
pertaining to the trade.

The Ganoksin Project ( is the largest
virtual single source for searchable archived content
for jewelry and metals in the world. Its 5000 Orchid members foster
sharing, support community, enhance productivity and encourage
studio safety, by promoting education in the jewelry and metal arts

For More Information contact:
Dr. E. Aspler (Hanuman)