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Color change alexandrite

I have a customer who wants a 2.4mm round color change alexandrite
as one of the stones in a ring she’s ordered - ideally from reddish
orange to blueish green, like this:

So far all the gem dealers I’ve looked at in downtown Los Angeles
have primarily blue/green that barely changes, if at all.

Anyone have a clue or is the stone so small it’s not probable?

We had to source one for a customer a very similar size a few months
ago. One of our suppliers here in Melbourne Australia had one (which
we bought) the colours you are after and a very strong colour
change. They are out there in the size you need so dont give up. I
am sure you will find one!

We can supply as an alternative to alexandrite the new blue-green
color change garnets from Kenya. They rival the finest color change
alexandrines. Blue garnets are extremely rare only ever discovered
in Madagascar but depleted. The color changes are blue-red,
blue-green to red, blue-green to purple, green to red, etc We also
have many other very good color change garnets. There are some blue
garnets and just blue-green. These alexandrite color change garnets
are very rare and very special and come in larger sizes as well.
Please contact me off forum for

Lee Horowitz, Gemologist Peru Blue Opal Ltd Horowitz Co-KCIG Co Ltd