Collette setting jig

Colette setting jig
Hi I need some help. Can someone please point me in the direction of an online video or tutorial for using a Collette setting maker . This is the one that can have the 4,6 or 8 wire claws . I was posted in the general direction of " Claw setting jig review and Tutorial . This was on the Ganoskin video library , but I am now unable to locate it . I wish to be able to give a lesson to our club members on how to use this tool . So any assistance that I could get would be so very helpful .
Thank you

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Hi Colette, try the ATTHEBENCH website. I am pretty sure Andrew has a video or two on that. Also, you can pay by the month for his videos so if that is all you need , you can cut it loose after thirty days.

Here is his email…you can ask him…good luck


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Hi there Todd
Thanks for getting back to me on this. I was once a subscriber to At the Bench in 2012/13 , I enjoyed the videos, but I ended up with steaming problems that could not be resolved so I stopped . I am slowly working it out. I suppose when all is said and done there is no such thing as wasted silver as it can always be repeated, or sold to a refiner . !
Thanks again. SUZANNE


I looked around for a video to post, but the one I recall must be behind a pay wall…

If my memory serves me, i believe you are basically using two components (male - with grooves, and a female…both conical pieces) that fit one over the other…to hold the wires in place for soldering…it only holds the claws/prongs…not the rails…you do the rails after…

I “think”…

the inside component will hold the (same length) cut wires in a sort of teepee formation (either 4,6 or 8 pieces)

once these wires are arranged, the other piece slides over everything, to hold the wires in place while you solder (jig components are metal, so be sure they cool down before you handle them, after soldering). (also, keep in mind that the jig acts as a heat sink…)

i seem to recall that the the set I saw demo’d had a quirk, whereby (Andrew Barry, I think…) had to modify in some way…had to do with how the two components fit together…and needing to raise one or the other, to get the fit nice and tight for soldering…

hmmm…perhaps it had to do with the wire size used…since the wire grooves are one size (don’t fit all!)…some wires may be thinner in the grooves and make the female piece looser and sit lower down…or vice versus…if the wire is too thick…maybe the female sits too high…?

…i know there was some hitch in the giddyup…

I am not sure if my memory is correct, but perhaps this will get you going in the right direction…

anyone who saw the same demo, feel free to jump in…


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Thank you so much for your information. I have been playing (as it were) with the Jig and I have been able figure out up to the end of your post . I know that the I have to put in the bars after soldering the prongs into the teepee formation. I have also been able to hold sort of figure out the sizing.
I have lays found interesting odd that tools at times only come with instructions that are at best sketchy . At worst it is assumed that you are fluent in hieroglyphics . Though at the rate this is going I’m hopeful I’ll soon have the answer .

Here are 4 links regarding how to use it:

Betty 2
Thank you so much for the links . I’ll have to sit down tonight, it’s 6.30 am as I write this … Yawn oops sorry… I’ve got the set with me so I’ll sit down and have a go . Hopefully not adding to much to my scraps container… That you to all within this community for your help. It’s such a wonderful resource.

Sorry I couldn’t help you…;( it’s now 5:05pm EST

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!