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Collecting precious metals

This is my first appearence here in the forum, so I will present
myself first. My name is Jose Girao and Im a curious in all art
subjects, in particular in jewlry, because of my grand grand
father wich worked for many years in Oporto here in Portugal
were I am. My question is, anyone knows the chemical process
based in acids and stuff to remove from saw dust, precious
metals and how to separate them like gold here, silver
there…, because the process used by my parent is very old
and based in mercury wich is very unfriendly to nature.
Thanking in advance for your help and support, best regards,

There are home refining systems available from companies like
Rio Grande and Gesswein that I have heard good reports about.
Perhaps the list has expereince and can comment. The Worshipful
Company of Goldsmiths, Carey Lane, London, England has some books
on it:

Loewen, Roland. The Recovery of Gold From Jewellery Sweeps. The
Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Project Report No. 44/2. London:
Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, 1982.

—. Small Scale Gold Refining. Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Project
Report No. 44/1. London: Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, 1980.

—. Small Scale Silver Refining. Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Design
and Technology Committee Report No. 53. London: Worshipful Company of
Goldsmiths, 1984.


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There is a video tape available describing the actual process in
refining gold from scrap all the way to pure, using acids and
other chemicals. I have used it once, taking several ounces of
bench sweeps and stopping the refining process at 22kt.

The tape is in VHS format, and is excellently done. I’ve had
numerous phone conversations with the author subsequent to
viewing the tape, for he is wealth of and a hell of
a nice guy.

The tape is sold by Vigor, the tool company. However, he will
sell it direct to you. He can be reached on the internet :

I do want to mention, however, that the acids used are very
dangerous for you, and also for your tools. Even though I used
venting system, the fumes found their way to my tools, corroding
them. Still, it was fascinating to do.

regards,\ Allan Freilich