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Collected wisdom of the group

And it got me wondering whether there isn't a way of having all the
important and often asked questions and answers that have been
asked on Orchid over the years, correlated into book and PDF form. 
Chapters with subjects like anealling, pickling, melting etc I
would certainly buy a copy. Funds to Ganoksin and all that. Peter
and James' answers alone, from when Ganoksin started, would fill a
book of some serious interest to many, I think. 

Fabulous idea!

I’ve been selecting, editing and publishing Peter Rowe’s
commentaries on various jewelry-related questions for some time now,
and have them archived on my site (with his permission, of course).
It seems like the nucleus of a pretty good book to me.

Andrew Werby

Completely agree !


I always read Peter’s posts.