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Co-op disign outline


To all: It never ceases to amaze me the things that are discussed on
this forum and the timing. I have recently been discussing with some
friends the possibility and feasibility of an artists coop here in
Houston, tx. Does anyone on the list have or know of a model or and
existing working coop that would be willing to share such an outline
or model? Start up needs and actual model outline would really
help lower some of the risk and resolve some of the questions.
Thanks to all for all of your help over the years and for whatever
help the future brings. Frank Goss


Hi Frank et al.

You might try “Artisans” in Mill Valley, CA for Co-0p info… They
have been in existence for decades; I lived there for two but did not
participate. I

knew several of the members and am sure they would be willing to
share their experience. I don’t have the phone # but they are on
East Blithdale, Mill Valley, CA.

Good Luck
Kevin Kelly


Frank - You might contact Handwork in Ithaca, NY. I don’t have
phone/e-mail for them, but I expect you can get these via Google.
Handwork is a cooperative gallery which is about 30 years old. It is
one of several “spin offs” from the original Ithaca Cooperative,
which include a cooperative grocery and one of the oldest (1972)
farmers’ markets around.

Jim Small
Small Wonders Lapidary