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CNC in general [Was: Jewelry CAD/CAM]


For those of you that did not receive Jewelcad, I apologize. I
had 100 copies and they were all shipped to Orchid members. What
I would like to know is HOW ARE YOU DOING?

I met a few Orchid members at MJSA and some of them were
actually using the demo. If you’re not planning on trying it,
please offer it to another member that doesn’t have it.

For those that are planning to attend the Basel Show, we will be
demonstrating Jewelcad and the ModelMaker in the Gesswein Booth
in building 400. Please say hi and let me know you are an Orchid



Hello Rolf,

As one of the Orchid members who received a copy, I guess that
question might directed my way :slight_smile: Sorry for not answering sooner.
It has been interesting using jewelcad. Took awhile to get a
handle on the basics… the help section is ok, but the working
samples that took you from start to finish were excellent. As I’m
working on it in my spare time, my improvements are measurable
in small increments, but I’ve recently been able to use to it
show a non jewelry person an idea I couldn’t explain. So that
aspect is a positive. I’m sure that with time and a little more
ease with the toolbars, it will be a great help in designing, but
currently it’s a struggle. This is pretty much a 'mid-way’
report…when I’m more adept at the program, I’ll be able to
offer more criticism/kudos.

Thanks for the opportunity to evaluate and work with such
interesting software!

Terry Swift