CNC cutting two parts metal mold

Something I would like to learn from this particular area of Orchid
is how to, or where I might go on the web to get specific
about the proper way to cut a two part male and female
metal mold. I’ve been using the ModelMaster 3-D milling system for
some time now, and have a pretty good grasp of doing most
operations. I’ve cut some metal molds, but they haven’t needed to
be male and female, just simple molds with a flat back. I have a
project now I want to explore where both pieces need to be domed and
hollowed out in the back much like a locket. I think I have a fair
concept of what is involved, but I would like to hear from someone
doing this on a regular basis so I can be certain as to procedure
and any additional equipment I may have to get. Since I suspect the
response I am looking for might be a bit lengthy, an off Orchid
response might be best.

Dear friend, to make this simple male and female mould you must
check and calculate only two thinks: a. The offset of your tool
(cutter Diameter),tip radius,side angle, flat radius is not important
for 2d mould. b. If you have angles in your male mould you must
calculate and redesign them according the tool diameter some
programs(Artcam etc) calculate those parameters automatically

Greetings from the island of Venus (CYPRUS)