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Closing ends of beading chain

I really need your help with this…I have some really nice beading
chain that totally works in the stones I planned it for but I have
NO idea how to put ends on it.

I have searched the catalogs and don’t see anything that
specifically says they are for beading chain - this isn’t an open
chain so adding a jumpring isn’t an option. Soldering a jumpring to
the ends and adding a clasp to them is all I can figure out.

Sure would like other options…I have this chain in gold filled and

Robyn Hawk

Robyn, I had the same problem with attaching clasps to some sterling
beaded chain which I had purchased in bulk form. I finally got some
some tubing from Rio, which fit the beaded chain. I cut little pieces
(about 1/2 in length). Soldered a disc on one end of each to which I
soldered a jump ring. I then inserted some tiny bits of extra easy
solder into the tubes pushed in the chain, and soldered them
together. It worked fine. The only problem I had was finding a tube
that fit the chain.