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Closing a bezel around a gemstone

Elliot, thanks for clarifying - I am one of those that would not know what is meant by ‘softening’ tools :slight_smile:


Now I’ve seen the instructions, I think I might be ok without any fancy stuff :slight_smile:

“Softening, in this case, means rounding over any hard edges or corners so that the tool will not leave hard lines or divots in the work.”

That’s what I meant when I said to give the face a slightly convex surface. I hadn’t heard this expression before. It probably makes more sense than what I said.


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Mila, Yes, I use them on sterling, fine silver, gold, gold-filled bezels and prongs. I think you will find these make your job easy and faster.

You are welcome. I am glad to help. Please update with your experience once you use them.


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