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Closeout jewelry in NYC?

I’m going to be in NYC overnight. From noon Monday till I get on the
train around 5:00 Tuesday. Assuming the train’s on time, I’ll have a
little bit of time for shopping on Monday and most fo the day on

I’m probably going to visit Industrial Plastics on Monday.

I’m not sure yet what I want to shop FOR; if I decide to shop for
metal & tools, I know where to go. But I’m thinking I’d like to
visit a jewelry closeout place, like Wolf E. Myro in Providence RI.
Anyone got any suggestions?

I feel really lucky to be there for the Christo and Jeanne-Claude
project The Gates! (

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

Your going to love the gate!!! I went to the dinner and lecture a
few weeks ago, should be a very interesting. Chinese New Year is
happening on Sunday. Starts about noonish on Mott St. Don’t know of
any close out places like that in the city.

Enjoy, Helen