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Cloring Platinum?

New to the list and haven’t finished searching the archives yet, so
if this has been ask before forgive me.

Been reading about some Japanese firms doing this. Where can I go to
find how to color platinum. As in surface coloring and in coloring the
metal as it’s being alloyed and cast?

Hello Bill,

There’s only one person I know of that has this knowledge - and
then some! Steven Kretchmer. He’s phenomenally brilliant and I
respect his work immensely. However, I do not know if he’ll
openly share his metallurgical wizardry, much of his knowledge
is hard-earned, patented and proprietary in nature.

There are a few articles written about him, you may enjoy
reading one by Alan Revere. You might find them through a search
engine. One thing to know is that there are a few people out
there who knock-off Kretchmer’s ideas but they do a very poor
job and should never be considered as examples to follow. I’m
not sure about the source you mentioned out of Japan. Kind of a
proceed with caution though, with any non-Kretchmer or
professional institute sources. I’d recommend sticking to those
for reliable facts and quality results.

Good luck in your endeavors!


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Sorry for the late reply - Life, Liberty, etc got in the way.

Thanks for the info. The article I read came from an Italian Magazine
a couple of years ago.

I do agree that Steven Kretchmer is very good!

Thanks for taking the time to reply.