Clogged prestolite acetylene/air torch tip

Aloha from Hawaii! I have a chronic problem with my prestolite
acetylene/air torch tip #1 in that it clogs and the gas doesn’t flow
out or only in diminished size and heat making it unusable. I have
taken to removing it after each use and putting an old clogged one
on my hose and bagging the newer working one but while that seems to
extend the life of the tip it doesn’t eliminate the problem. I never
had this problem when I lived on the mainland and used the same
torch tip for many years without replacing it. I find I have to buy
new tips annually and often when I don’t have the time to wait for
its delivery. Has anyone had this problem and/or know of a way to
flush or clear out the blockage?

Carol -

I have the same clogging going on - you can replace the interior
thingie if you can find the part, or just buy a new torch head -
that’s what I did. Santa Fe Jewelers Supply has them - they are
actually for some other torch, but they are identical to the
Prest-o-Lite tips.