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Clip earring backs


I am making 2 pairs of sterling earrings with a stone in each one,
surrounded by about 3/16ths of an inch of silver and am uncertain
about the placement of spring clip earring backs. None of my books
show this and since I have always made earrings with
either posts or dangles, I would like to know aything you might
advise about the weight of the earring versus the placement of the

In one case the stone is a 1 inch long half circle, 1/2 inch wide and
1/8 inch deep… The other is a different shape (triangular), but the
dimensions are actually the same. The stones are agates.

The only spring clips I could fine at the store were not quite 1/2
inch long. They have a square U shape part which is to be soldered on
first after which the clasp part is squeezed in place. Should I
center this clip or put it a little high on the earring back? I am
leaning towards putting it high but would like some reassurance.
Also, is that size clip large enough or should I try to get something

Your suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks, Sue Danehy


here is how I was taught to do it:

Take a thin sawing thread, attach to it a small piece of sticky wax
and attach the wax to the place on the earring where do you think it
should go. Now you can observe how earring is hanging. If it hangs
incorrectly move the wax to the different position until it hangs
properly. Since your gems are of different shape, they will be of
different weight and that means that positioning on every earring
will be different.

Put the clip a little high. Hold the earring up to your ear, to see
where you want it to ride on the ear. You do want to avoid having
the earring droop forward too much. Just like with a brooch, you have
to consider gravity and how the piece will hang.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA’louBrubaker

Hello Sue, Always try to position the clip back so that it snaps
down on the ear ring at the exact point where you would have a post.

Have fun
Tom Arnold