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Clear epoxy

I’m new to the list ( and somewhat new to metalsmithing ) and have
really enjoyed all the useful info from everyone. Here’s my
question: Does anyone have a recommendation for a clear or “water
clear” epoxy that can be used to secure and cover a photograph onto
silver (i.e. small photo in a cast silver box)? I’ve tried 2
different epoxies: epoxy 330 and another. I’ve had varying success
with both. I’d love to find an easy-to-use epoxy with a minimal
drying time (24 hours?).

Thanks in advance,
Carie Krumme

I have been told by my brother that was in the raw products business
that the Epoxy, by definition, products are not good for what you are
wanting to do. Epoxies will turn yellow/amber with age and tend to
get brittle if submitted to long exposure to ultra violet. Regular
casting resins are better being made from the polyester families and
stay crystal clear and pour or cast better. Try a hobby shop and look
for products that are designed for using over pictures or things or
used for casting models of things. rcp

Instead of a clear epoxy could you use a clear casting resin? Dries
in 24 hours and is clear. I use Castin’ Craft Clear liquid plastic
casting resin for a number of different projects and it is available
at most of the large craft stores.

Jim D

Carie, You might look into Omni-Gel - a new product at Fire Mountain
Gems. It is used to transfer images to metal, fabric, leather, etc.
For a photo, it needs to be a good copy on paper rather than
photopaper. I haven’t used it yet but apparently it also serves as a
clear top-sealer. I’m going to be experimenting with it possibly this
weekend and will let you know how it works if you like. Roseann

OK this is the third time I’ve tried to post this message…I’m not
sure why it’s not showing up. I really just wanted to thank those
that responded to my epoxy problem. I’ve now figured it out…and am
using Envirotec polymer coating.

Thanks for all the great tips. I definitely will look into both the
casting resin and the Omni-gel. Roseann, I’d love to hear how your
experiment goes this weekend.

The casting resin recommend led me to Envirotec Lite…which I’m
currently testing. Seems though that it’s the right product. It’s
a clear waterproof coating that’s used in many crafts, i.e. sealing a
plague, bartop, etc. It’s pretty much self de-gassing also…to get
rid of the bubbles after mixing it.

Thanks tons again.
Carie Krumme