Cleaning vintage crystals

Hi, I have question. How do you clean crystals from size 3mm up ? I
would rather not use a toothbrush. Any easier ways? Terri-

Need a bit more info Terri - are these crystals beads, are they
pre-strung, loose? Do you intend to rework them into something else?


Try using white vinegar I have not used it on vintage pieces, but
I’m sure it wont do any harm.

In my experience vinegar cleans crystal, silver and glass like
nothing else. If you are a coffee drinker you will be familiar with
the foil wrapped bags that package your coffee grains. Wash thurily,
and then add clear white vinegar, fill it to about quarter full and
then add two table spoons of salt.

Add your crystals, fold the opening of your bag tightly shut, then
holding it together and shake it for a few minutes, basically for as
long as your patience will allow, then remove your crystals and wash
in cold water. You will see them sparkle like never before.

Good luck!!
Cork Ireland

In my opinion, soak the crystals in a bath of warm sudsy water,
gently rub them after a bit with your fingers, rinse and pat dry
with a towel.