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Cleaning varnished Metal


Happy New Year Orchidians!!!

My husband has this beautiful vase made of copper and I thing some
kind silver leaf. The patina was great for me, but my husbande asked
me to clean it to see how it looks. I started cleaning it with
regular silver, metal compounds. I discovered that the vase has a
layer varnished, I assume to prevent from getting patina. It looks
awful, all streaky!!! How can I clean it without harming the vase? Do
any varnish solvent will be safe??

Rosy Arrasco Westrup
Goblina Arte Infinito


Hi Rosey

It is common to find a layer of laquer on these silver and copper
vases. It is the yellowing of the laquer that often gives them their
patina look. I just use a laquer thinner to remove the laquer from
the vase. It takes some time for the thinner to soften the laquer,
but it does come off after a few applications. Be sure to use a very
soft cloth to prevent scratching the surface of the vase when you
remove the laquer.

Good Luck

Dave Mereski