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Cleaning Scrap Silver

Do any one have an efective way to clean the investment from the tree
after casting , besides acid and ultrasonics ? Thanks

Gus, you could try sand/grit blasting. It does a nice job of
cleaning the surface.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS
fine jewelry!

Hi All To clean up trees after casting , place in barrel tumbler with
old shot and tumble for 1/4 hour ,wash out barrel and carry on till
tree is clean .This works well for castings. Regards
David Sheard

Soap, Water and a Toothbrush.

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Hi Gus, Large shops generally use a water blast cabinet to blast the
investment off after the flask has cooled. You can make your own with
a pressure washer and some kind of waterproof box. I made one that
looks like an incubator with gloves and a glass window. I used a large
nalgene plastic tank and a pressure washer from Grainger. If you have
a small shop you won’t need to get that fancy. Home depot has some
reasonably priced small units that should do the job nicely.
John,J.A.Henkel Co., Inc.,Moldmaking,Casting & Finishing

Hello Gus,

You could try sandblasting or steamcleaning.Instead of sand in the
sandblasting procedure,some craftsmen preffer glas beads. You need at
least an aircompressor for the blasting procedure,but the
steamcleaner is more expensive.Check out your supplier catalog for
prices or maybe you could find some second hand equipment.It all
depends really on your production and the kind of job you’re doing. I
personnally don’t need either of them !Instead I use an old
toothbrush and that one last for a long periode of time.Think twice
before you run into buying expensive equipment which is - maybe - to
big for your bussines.

Regards Pedro