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Cleaning Rings, etc

using jewelry cleaner and a toothbrush, but I still can’t get off
the stuff stuck to the bottom of the stones. So, anyone have any
ideas how I can get them properly clean?

Since my ultra sonic is in storage at this time, I have used
Denture Cleaning Tablets to clean my rings and earrings (a couple
of times). I don’t think this should have any ill effects but
would welcome input from others who may know more about the
chemicals involved. I had originally been told to use them to
clean crystal vases and bottles - it works too.

Hope this helps
Lorri Ferguson

A quality heated ultrasonic w/Mr. clean/water(about 20 to 1
ratio) solution and a strong blast of steam should do it. You
may have to scrub some pieces though as they can be truly nasty.
Makes you wonder why people spend good money on jewelery and
NEVER clean it.

Steve Klepinger

Although you can never replace the sonic/steamer combo, I keep a
glass jar of household lye (1 part lye to 2-3 parts water) and
put the dirtiest rings in it overnight. I wouldn’t put anything
you wouldn’t put in the pickle in it, but it’ll clean your rings like you wouldn’t
believe. Mike